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Villa Adriana

Villa Adriana Tour

Villa Adriana lived until late antiquity, and after being sacked by Totila, he met many centuries of neglect, during which he became “Old Tivoli”, a quarry of bricks and marble for the nearby town of Tivoli and Episcopalian. At the end of the fifteenth century, Biondo Flavio identified again as the Villa of Emperor Hadrian was talking about the Historia Augusta, and at the same time, Pope Alexander VI Borgia promoted the first excavations at Odeon, during which the statues were discovered by Muse currently sitting at the Prado Museum in Madrid.
villa-Adriana Vella Adriana became the subject of numerous excavations all aimed at the discovery of treasures – mainly sculptures and mosaics, which were the prize catch of the great collectors of antiquities, from the first Popes and Cardinals, and then the noble Romans and Europeans, mostly English.
1-4pax: 200€ 5H
5-8pax: 250€ 5H

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