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Colosseum Rome Day Tour All Inclusive

Rome Day Tour All Inclusive

Tradition says that the city of Rome was founded in the mid-eighth century BC by Romulus and Remus, the twin brothers sons of Mars and Rhea Silvia. The traditional date of the official founding of Rome goes back to 21 April 753 BC. The ancient city was created through a progressive meeting of villages, which have arisen on the famous seven hills, in a single urban center populated by the ancient Romans.
Roma-Citta from the geographical point of view Ancient Rome was located on large flat areas, marshy valleys and hills lapped by the river Tiber. The peoples who inhabited these areas, they used two important trade routes, stretching from one coast to the inland area (Sabina) along the Tiber and was used primarily for the supply of salt (corresponds to the historical Via Salaria) that was then the base agricultural and pastoral economy, and another road that ran along the route Etruria -Campania.
Price without Guide:
1/3pax: €160 4H
4/7pax: €180 4H

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