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Pisa City Day Tour

Pisa City Day Tour

The history of Pisa begins in the ninth century. B.C. when Pisa was originally a settlement of Alfea, a civilization which later merged with the Etruscans.
In the second century. B.C. This culture was then absorbed by the Romans who built Pisanus Portus.
After the end of the Roman Empire was a port city of great importance for the Goths, Lombards, and Carolingii.
The next development was to become Pisa, in the eleventh century, one of the four Italian Maritime Republics more powerful together in Genoa, Venice, and Amalfi.
Pisa for much of the Middle Ages, Pisa’s powerful navy, assured the city the domain of the western Mediterranean.
In this period began the buildings that have made famous Pisa, the Duomo and its belfry, the famous Leaning Tower.
The wealth gained allowed Pisa to establish colonies in North Africa, southern Spain and southern coast of Asia Minor.
The decline of the maritime republic began in 1284 when he was defeated by Genoa and became more evident with the silting of the harbor.
1-4pax: 650€ 5H
5-8pax: 650€ 5H

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