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Ciao Roma Tours Introduce.. To whom may concerns;

Dear Tourism sector team, greetings from Rome/Italy
My name is Hesham Abdel Salam (italian name; Leo), Ital-Egyptian background family, raised up in Rome. I’m the owner and managing director of Ciao Roma Tours – Tourist Services & Hire car with driver Agency, longer established and located in Rome since 2007. I have the pleasure to introduce Ciao Roma Tours Tourist Services & Hire car with driver Expert Agency, is an International tourism supplier offering its services for Tour Operators, Travel Agencies and Tourists & Travelers from all the world. Our buying power is strongest in Italy, but we can meet our clients’ needs in all tourism cities in Italy & in Europe. By working with us you can benefit of our larger volume and stronger negotiation power and take an advantage of quality services, Professionalism and better rates. Our goal is become always potential and powerful Supplier in Europe through the most ancient Europe capital (Rome), to provide the best services for our clients, and to make their travel, tours and Touring production as easy, comfort and enjoy as possible. Promise of Leo:-) view more

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ciao roma tours introduce


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Experts On Tour

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Night life Style

Test the Roman way to live & enjoy the weekend having fun and socializing...


(Hostess /Stewards /Security /Bodyguard /Languages Interpretations with the Privacy Policy), on request. Sharing is...

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Rome Trastevere Nightlife Tour

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Rome Trastevere Nightlife Tour Made on demand for tourists like to feel at home...
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The etymology of the name Capri is unclear; it might either be traced back...
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The Lombardi came in the sixth century A.D. and then also the Franks ruled...
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The foundation of Florence dates back to Roman times, but there is evidence that...
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Marmore Falls Day Tour

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Is generated by the Velino River, which flows into the Nera, with its three...
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Pompei/Amalfi Coast/Positano Tour

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Archaeological excavations at Pompeii have yielded the remains of the ancient Pompeii city, near...
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