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Siena Day Tour

Siena Day Tour

Siena Day Tour is The Lombardi came in the sixth century A.D. and then also the Franks ruled the city.
Were carried out large works, among which the most important was the realization of the Via Francigena,
The road that connected Rome to France, traveled by pilgrims and travelers, and this greatly increased the commercial importance of Siena.
At that time the Church was actively involved in city government, particularly among ninth and eleventh centuries, after which the Sienese claimed their right to govern and administer their city. The growing economic and military power of the city gave rise to inevitable clashes between Siena and Florence, at the time when both tried to expand their territories.
Opel-VivaroUnfortunately, just as the citizens of Siena were planning an expansion of the Duomo, a plague befell the city, killing 3/5 of the population.
The recovery of the city, as a result, was slow and difficult.
A diverse group of leaders, including Emperor Charles V and Cosimo I de ‘Medici, between the fourteenth and nineteenth centuries did growing the economic power of Siena, thanks to the famous bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena, which ensured use and safety to the citizens of Siena through the centuries.
When in the last century Italy became a republic, has become an integral part of the Siena region of Tuscany, and now thrives on a combination of finance and tourism, thanks to its beautiful artistic legacy.
Price :
1/4pax: 750 € Full day
5/8pax: 850 € Full day

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