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Amalfi Coast

Pompei/Amalfi Coast/Positano Tour

Archaeological excavations at Pompeii have yielded the remains of the ancient Pompeii city, near the hill of Civita, buried beneath acultured ash and lapilli dall’eruzionedel Vesuvius in 79, along with Herculaneum, Stabiae and Oplontis.
pompeiThe excavations, which began at the behest of Charles III of Bourbon,is one of the best examples of Roman life, and the best preservedcities of the time, most of the finds recovered in addition to simpleutensils of daily use, even emosaici frescoes, are now preserved inlarge part to the national Archaeological Museum of Naples and in small quantities in the Antiquarium of Pompeii, now closed: the very large number of finds has been useful to understand the uses and customs, the alimentary habits ‘art of living more than two millenniums ago.
Amalfi Coast
Longobardia the most prosperous city, the noblest, the most illustrious by its terms, the most wealthy and opulent. The territory borders onthat of Naples, Amalfi, which is beautiful city, but less important than Amalfi.
The territory retains traces of the Paleolithic acquaintances. LegendPositano founded by Poseidon, the sea god Neptune, for the love of the nymph Pasitea he loved. It is certain that the Phoenicians and Greeks, traveling westwards, put foot in this country then perhapsinhabited by Oschi Piceni. The Romans built near the beach a richpatrician villa Great, now buried by gardens and the Church of the Assumption. With the fall of the Roman Empire Positano became partof the Republic of Amalfi, the first maritime republic, and experienced a period thanks to the flourishing maritime trade with other Mediterranean countries.
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