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Marmore Falls Day

Marmore Falls Day Tour

Is generated by the Velino River, which flows into the Nera, with its three jumps for a total of 165 meters, offer an impressive display of nature.
It was the inspiration of numerous Italian and foreign poets including Pliny, Cicero, Virgil, Byron, and Belli. Was always represented with multiple expressive techniques by various artists, depicted in medals and in Terni used as a symbol for many applications to the present day and also on phone cards on the Italian stamps.
cascade-marmore Many of the pictorial representations were made by travelers of the so-called ‘Grand Tour’ (journey in the XVII-XVIII-XIX wasper formed by various artists and humanists to expand their culture).
Price without Guide:
1/4pax: 350 € 8H
5/8pax : 420 € 8H

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