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Florence City Day Tour

Florence City Day Tour

The foundation of Florence dates back to Roman times, but there is evidence that already Florence city day tour was occupied in prehistoric times.
In the older part of town, you can see the imprint of these Roman origins of Caesar’s colonies.
For defense, the city was built at the confluence of two rivers: the Arno and the Mugnone, where populations were allocated earlier.
Firenze rectangular in the plan was enclosed within a perimeter of wall length of 1800 meters. The built environment, as all the cities founded by the Romans, is characterized by straight roads which crossed at right angles.
The two main roads leading to four gates and converged on a central square, the Urbis Forum, now Piazza della Repubblica, a place result for the Curia and the temple dedicated to the Capitoline Triad
(Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva).

1-4pax 650€ Full day
5-8pax 750€ Full day

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