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Vatican Museums Sistine Chapel Guided Tour

Vatican Museums Sistine Chapel Guided Tour

Accessing and skiping the lines. Touring between the art and religious cultures Micheal Angelo’s pictures or meeting the pop Francesco! Admiring the Sistine chapel art and decoration! Dedicated tour guide to explaining the history of Vatican Museums & Sistine chapel!


The State of Vatican City was created in 1929, when the papacy and the Italian government signed an agreement, the “Lateran Treaty”, which regulated with a set of rules the relationship between church and state and put an end to a dispute that had lasted decades. This controversy, known as the “Roman Question” was opened between 1860 and 1870,when the papacy, with the birth of the Italian state, was forced to give up its dominion over Latium, Umbria, Marche and Romagna (regions, ie, that formed the ancient state of the Church). When the Italian troops entered Rome (September 20, 1870) Pope Pius IX, considering himself the victim of a theft, he retired in the palaces of the Vatican.
Vatican Museums Sistine Chapel Guided Tour..


  • Hotel pickup or meeting point
  • Skip lines tickets to access to Vatican museums and Sistine chapel
  • Vist the San Pieter basilica
  • Pickup to hotel or say goodbye

Tour includes:

  • Hotel pickup & viceversa*
  • Skip lines tickets
  • HD Tour Guide


  • Replacing tour guide with audio guide €10/pp
  • Choosing between hotel pickup or meeting at Vatican Museums entrance
  • Adding lunch pause with or without our offer for meal at our restaurant partnership €30/pp Full course meal

Tour Price:

€60/pp        *mini. 4 pax


  •  Support and Information
  • Heir Car with Driver, limousine service, Vans, Coaches
  •  Transfer of Rome, central and all Italy
  • Transportation from/to Rome Airports (Fiumicino, Ciampino)  Passenger
  • Transportation from/to Ports, (Civitavecchia, Naples, Capri, Genova), City
  • Transfer (Rome to Rome)
  •  Hourly Dispositio (minimum 4 H).
  • Special Rates for Hotel, Apartments and B&B *See Partners Offers
  • Available for inclusion in a list of Nightclubbs and most poplars Discotheque Inn in Rome
  • Accepted payments with all credit cards

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