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roma tours global social club

Roma Tours Global Social Club

Roma Tours Global Social Club.. the human socializing without keyboard or smartphone! Making new friendships back to human way! Feeling at home and Roman even in holiday! Enjoying Rome nightlife style, fashions and attractions! Learn more about the Roman’s way to socialize and lifestyle! What travales Tourists need traveling around! Ciao Roma Tours dedicated the Roma Tours Global Social Club to foreigners and Italians no matter their ages, colors or nationalities, to offer an new/old idea, the way to socialize.. back to the old way to know people meeting them, without smartphones or keyboards, for who is looking for new people to know or simply socializing while he is in holiday, focusing on the Roman style! Even after the sunset, Rome reflects its fashion and beauty magical profile to show its gusts or visitors the hospitality and welcome them in the most typical local tavern, clubs, wine bar, restaurants, pizzerie more inn and known in Rome! What is the Roma Tours Global Social Club’s live Tours and how it works?? The Roma Tours Global Social Club.. Live Tour is a Social human live tour contact, open and completely free to participate, born with the goal to unite people and introducing unknown to each other’s sharing the same table for dinner or drink, sharing the same goal which can be a simple socializing dinner or can be business organized event or introduction meeting, or maybe multi culture organized meeting, special wine labels test etc. It works in that way; enough sending us an email;, includes your request to participate as a member of the Roma Tours Global Social Club and joining one of our Social Tours, then you’ll receive our confirmation you became member of Ciao Roma Tours “Roman Social Club Live Tour”, to be able to share our Tours. Choosing one of Roman Social Club Live Tour, you don’t need to pay in advance, but only when you arrive to the meeting point of the tour agreed through the email. Here is an example of the Roma Tours Global Social Club.. Live Tour;

Pizza Social Tour

it’s amazing Social tour to socialize between Tourists and local Romans, meeting each other through an orginzed typical famously pizza dinner.

Pizza Social Tour Conditions:

  • who can participate?  Anyone
  • age limits?             No
  • Do I have to pay in advance?   No, only when you arrive to the pizzeria 
  • what kind of pizzeria will be?  A selected none pizzeria in Rome like Baffo & Baffo 2, between Campo de fiori and Trastevere 
  • can I pay with credit card?    Yes, 2% taxes will be charged
  • can I have receipt or invoice?    Yes, adding 10% Vat
  • can I participate with my family?   Yes, you & they are welcomed

Social Pizza Tour price: With €30/pp, we offer you;

  • Italian aperitif with Roman snakes or tapas 
  • Appetizer (Bruschetta al pomodoro)
  • Soft drink or beer 0,04l
  • Pizza from menù

Optional: with €20 you can have just drink, bruschetta and pizza. Discover more or contact us!

Please Note: The Roma Tours Global Social Club participation is completely free and Ciao Roma Tours is owner of this website Social network and not responsible of or for any unknown behavior and/or restaurant or clubs etc. We just offer pleasure to Tourists wish to relax and socializing in holiday, enjoy your in Rome!

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