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ciao roma tours tourism experts

Ciao Roma Tours Tourism Experts

Ciao Roma Tours Tourism Experts

Ciao Rome Tours Has extensive experience in the field of Tourism & Hospitality, more than twenty years with a specialization in Hospitality Management and Tourist Management, working with corporate structures of primary importance in the Tourism market.
Founded in 2007, with the aim of developing various value added services geared exclusively to the world of luxury.

Ciao Roma Tours Tourism Experts..Whether Business and Pleasure;
you can rely on our services which are very professional, with excellent language training for example: Italian, English, Spanish and Arabic.
All this to meet the needs of our customers that will find Professionalism, Quality, Punctuality and Courtesy.

Ciao Roma Tours Tourism Experts.. Transport; Focusing on the goal to offer quality & convincing price.. We Decided to block the Limo Taxi / Black Cab fare to (€42), with the same quality service from/to Rome FCO Airport. Transfer from FCO to Civitavecchia Port *From €100
*Rome center From/To Civitavecchia port*From €110.00
*Civitavecchia-Rome Sightseeing from 1/3 pax Full Day Tour*From €380 (Transfer From/To Incl.).

Ciao Roma Tours Tourism Experts.. Shopping; Change the way you make purchases: In Castle Romano Designer Outlet, you’ll find over 110 shops with the most prestigious names in fashion, in one place, with prices reduced by 30%to 70% throughout the year. Far away from city stress, totally relaxed, you do shopping while walking through the streets and buildings inspired by ancient Rome. Clothing, accessories, sports equipment and household of the previous season are waiting here for you to finally realize all your dreams in style.

[soliloquy id=”880″] Ciao Roma Tours Tourism Experts.. Naturalization Tourism; Marmore Falls, The route n.1 is one of the historical route of the Falls. Until some years ago it has been used by the residents to reach Marmore town because it links the Lower with the Upper. Outlook (the only one among the 5 routes of the area). Interesting is above all the naturalistic aspects ( the lush vegetation and hidden caves), while the poor view of the Falls because it is far from the water. Except a fantastic point: the lover’s balcony. A little terrace in the heart of the Falls that is in the middle of the route and reachable after crossing the homonymous tunnel that presents a natural ground, even if some points have stairs. The route n.1 is the most difficult in relation to the others.

Ciao Roma Tours Tourism Experts.. Culturallism; The pleasure of Curiosity and Discovery! Tell us which Italian city you wish to discover, the rest leave it for us! Italian Cultural Tourism Experts in all Italian cities, we are able to meet or fulfill any kind of needs for Tours organization, upon all levels, budget and quality, because every Tourist has his tour vision to feel welling. Ciao Roma Tours is Tour agency since 2011, qualified as Tourist Management and specialist in tours builder and organizational however the Tourist wish or whatever his request, from the classical tours for individuals or groups, with or without guide, economics or prestige.

Ciao Roma Tours Tourism Experts..

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